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Блог Михаила Прохорова
Спасибо за поздравления. 
26th-Feb-2008 07:00 pm
 Добрый вечер, 

Спасибо всем большое за поздравления!   С праздником, с прошедшим, всех, кто сможет защитить, если понадобится!  Про службу в армии, интересное было время, напишу как-нибудь.

С лучшими пожеланиями,

Михаил Прохоров.
26th-Feb-2008 06:01 pm (UTC) - Happy holidays !
Good morning, Mikhail Dmitrievich!

Your avatar very eloquently reveals certain level of patriotism. I admire your determination and heart-felt desire to serve and defend the mother-land. It is rarely met and therefore very highly appreciated nowadays.:)

You seem to be a person, who will exert some considerable amount of efforts, but not lose a battle and this is normal and justified. If you exclude the situation with Onexim bank, which other battle would you state as being destiny-forming for your life in general ?

What was the best lesson that you learned while you were in the army ?

I wish you best of health, luck and happiness and less stress.
Keep up the good work!
P.S.: Photo of you in a military army uniform even though from years ago would have been a great avatar too.:)
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