September 2nd, 2008

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"The Financial Academy. The mafia in the good sense of the word." (с)

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Nadia Popova / MT
Mikhail Prokhorov talking with a Financial Academy professor on Monday.

Prokhorov Tells Students How to Get Rich

02 September 2008By Nadia Popova / Staff WriterBillionaire Mikhail Prokhorov on Monday advised students at the government's Financial Academy that going into private business, rather than working for the state, was the best way to get rich and join him on the Forbes list.

"There are young people who go to work in state service right after graduation," Prokhorov said. "I recommend you to go only into business. Only there will you find drive and real life."

"See you in big business in five years. And five years after that, see you in the Forbes list," said Prokhorov, the country's fifth-richest man according to Forbes Russia, with an estimated fortune of $22.6 billion. "We will work either as colleagues or as competitors. Let those who fail to do all that go into state service."
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