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Блог Михаила Прохорова
"You asked for it". 
21st-Jul-2008 01:48 pm
Han Solo's smile
Dear guests, 

in response to popular demand, I have had a translation done of my latest thesis on the innovation economy in Russia. The text is available on my page: http://www.mprokhorov.com/documents/ProkhorovspeachFinal020708.pdf.


21st-Jul-2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Dear Michael, good evening!
The good report, but I consider, that from the point of view of formation it is necessary to develop not only the exact sciences. Here it is necessary to take more deeply. The person grows and is formed in family in which unessentially everyone should be chemists, by physicists and mathematicians and consequently it is necessary to do an emphasis not only on these fields of knowledge. In the nature, as well as in the world all is interconnected. The ideology human needs to be changed …
Certainly, very important to find communication between business and the state. And this communication, first of all, should be based on a good legislative basis. What we have thought up, without good laws there will be no precise work.
I did not become, to be based only on the American and Chinese models. To me the Japanese and Israeli models are very nice. In fact Russia, to comparison with Japan the huge country, but Japan in many respects ahead.
With the best regards, Larissa.
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