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Блог Михаила Прохорова
"You asked for it". 
21st-Jul-2008 01:48 pm
Han Solo's smile
Dear guests, 

in response to popular demand, I have had a translation done of my latest thesis on the innovation economy in Russia. The text is available on my page: http://www.mprokhorov.com/documents/ProkhorovspeachFinal020708.pdf.


12th-Aug-2008 01:34 pm (UTC) - It's not impossible if...
You, Mr Prokhorov, forgot one union principle in your speach.
It's not impossible innovation research centers without one russian characteristic -
Firstly, it need to add Russian ideology to American project management and Chinese reaction to the changing market. Long time Russian people didn't have "good idea", "Light future". Or you can name it "mission" as American or Japanese companies have named.
And, second, you need to persuade our scientists, engineers and etc. that they can work in best conditions in Russian laboratories, parks.
And, third, it need so best PR, propaganda not only in high positions, but first for all scientists, engineers and etc.
I suppose you know how to make it.
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