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Блог Михаила Прохорова
Личное мнение держу в секрете. 
7th-Nov-2009 10:21 pm

«Что читаю – не скажу!»

Михаил Прохоров на красноярской книжной ярмарке: «Что читаю – не скажу!»
Михаил Прохоров на красноярской книжной ярмарке

Бизнесмен скрывает свои культурные пристрастия [видео]


- Для меня этот год особый, потому что я впервые приветствую красноярцев как полноценный житель Красноярского края и крупнейший налогоплательщик! – это теперь любимая шутка известного бизнесмена Михаила Прохорова. Только на открытии третьей книжной ярмарки он повторил ее два раза!

- Под разным предлогом все пытаются выведать мои культурные пристрастия, - резко ответил Прохоров на вопрос журналистов, какие книги ему нравятся. - Я считаю, что удовлетворение культурных пристрастий – это самая опасная вещь, потому что все мы люди, у всех есть слабости. Так что я предпочитаю об этом не распространяться. Я стараюсь поддерживать те проекты, которые одобрили лучшие эксперты, которые работают в моем Фонде. А свое личное мнение я держу в тихом секрете. Так что, что читаю – не скажу!

Зато бизнесмен с удовольствием похвастался, что он читает лекции студентам:

- Мне кажется именно от локальной истории можно отталкиваться, чтобы писать историю общую. Иногда, читая лекции студентам, я задаю такой провокационный вопрос: а кто хорошие белые или красные? И что интересно, что одна половина ребят поднимает руки за одних, вторая – за других.  Ладно, про красных все понятно. Мне было очень любопытно, почему белые-то хорошие? Выяснилось, что многие студенты посмотрели фильм «Адмирал» и решили, что белые хорошие. Так что нет единой трактовки нашей истории.

7th-Nov-2009 08:33 pm (UTC) - absolutely no personal opinions whatsoever??
Hello Mikhail Dmitrievich,
  So, no personal opinions to the world whatsoever? None of your own thoughts to share? Absolutely tragic! I can understand a person, especially a public figure, who wants to keep mum about ultra-sensitive topics such as politics and religion (as you make a lot of enemies / cause a lot of hard feelings with these topics), but not sharing preferences of the kind of books you like to read? The kind of foods you like to eat? The kind of women / people you like? Movies you like to watch? Come on!! That's a bit extreme, isn't it? A very true statement that we humans all have our weaknesses, but don't forget that we also have strengths, and along with those strengths come our preferences and traits that make us our own unique individuals. And we should NEVER be ashamed of showing our uniqueness, MD. Like it or not, we are who we are, and if anything, the more you hide, the more people will chase you wanting to know more and more. Just look at the celebrities of the world and you'll know what I'm talking about. Maybe if you are a bit more "open" about certain preferences, then perhaps the paparazzi will not chase you as much?? And what about the purpose of having a "personal" blog in the first place? I would think that a blog is a place where you should at least begin by showing a controlled but sincere amount of "personality" with your audience, yes? Oh well, either way it's your perrogative. But if you wish to be so intent on hiding yourself from everyone, just make sure that your actions are not seen as well-best of luck because very few if any people manage to pull this off because people see our choices in action every day, whether we want them to or not. But hats off to you if you do it. I'm also curious as to how many of the kids you lectured raised their hands to say that both reds AND whites were good? Even though each of us humans are unique individuals, it turns out that we have more in common than you think ... you just have to have your eyes and mind open enough to see it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

            Best wishes for health and happiness,

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18th-Nov-2009 09:12 pm (UTC) - Re: Private is Private
As a public figure, Mr. Prochorov had been sharing enormous amount of personal information, intentionally and not. It is a good chance that he is in the process of investigating a topic that can too easily be misunderstood or critized. I consider Mr. Prochorov a great mind, and many great minds look ahead, look for new ideas, find a new path. He is also in the time of his life (between 42 and 49 years) during which many self-discovering tendencies are observed. Another point, a large number of people are naturally more private and reserved, or try to be. The society, whether eastern or western does not like when public figures prefer to be very private. Many of well known people mold the society tastes. I wouldn't be surprised is there is a stampede to the book stores for the books that Mr. Prochorov is reading right now.
19th-Nov-2009 03:15 am (UTC) - Re: Private is Private
Hi Ms. Grizz,
I stated in my comment that it's our host's perrogative as to how public or private he feels he should be. I know that he's been sharing a lot of carefully censored personal information with the world-that's the purpose of a personal blog in a nutshell. I was merely expressing my incredulity in his wanting to keep future trivial information from the world (off the blog)-"trivial" meaning favorite movies, books, kinds of foods, as these do change over time. I personally see nothing wrong with sharing your interests/favorite qualities desired in the opposite sex as these are what make people unique and would be generally harmless to a reputation, but on the other hand I am a big advocate of "zipping it" when people want to talk to you about politics, religion, or (gulp) some aspects of business that get into politics because of the offense caused/number of enemies made. And Lord knows our host walks this line a great deal of the time! :)Your third sentence is reasonable, I'll buy it, but keep in mind that old habits as well as good minds die hard and people rarely do 180-degree changes overnight;he's been very public these past few years and by the looks of his endeavors/accomplishments as well as his interviews that he intentionally posts, the publicity won't stop any time soon! :)He is a person (like many of us) who wants to stay young and strong for as long as possible :):) I don't think that the societies of the world hate private characters as much as they do inconsistent ones-perhaps those who are quiet one minute and then totally outrageous the next. Believe me, MDP only tells what he wants you to know,no more no less, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over society "hating him" for wanting to "keep quiet" or "let loose". And in regards to your last sentence, I had to laugh because when you think about it, who really cares? :)Those over-anxious ladies who "stampede" into the bookstores will either end up smiling over a good read or fuming over a waste of their money/time, with the bookstores being ever so grateful during these wretched times to get any book sales they can! But in any case, most of us ladies deserve some credit because we have read enough about MD to know some of his likes/dislikes anyway and so we would already know the nature of his favorite reads if he would choose to share them. As for those who truly don't have a "clue", take heart in knowing that certain places in this world show more leniency towards such ladies than others :)! We humans have so much variability in our attitudes/looks/mentalities that many of Darwin's "survival of the fittest" principles that apply to the animal world arguably do not apply to us-our society is too "highly ordered" not to mention "socialist-progressive" for these principles to take effect. Even Darwin himself once said that he did not intend his principles to be applied to us humans for these reasons I just stated-and because science over the years has not really been able to fully account for our human "variability"-go figure :) :) All the best to you.

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